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Chelaque Homeowners Association News

  • The majority of owners approved amending three sections of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Please see the Homeowners' Links page for the latest version.

Currently, there are 80 homes that have been completed within Chelaque and more are under construction. If you are planning to begin building in the near future, you will need to obtain a Building Application and provide a copy of your house plans to the Architectural Committee. You can obtain the necessary forms or verify any information that you need to get started by contacting the Architectural Committee at architectural@chelaque.org

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Hunting Policy

Chelaque's Covenants and Restrictions prohibit hunting or the discharge of any weapon on Chelaque property, including vacant lots. Also the power lines that run through Chelaque are in fact Chelaque Estates common property and the same rules prohibiting hunting apply there as well. If you see anyone violating this restriction, please report them to the appropriate authorities. View our hunting policy and relevant TWRA Regulations by Clicking here

Burning Policy

As home and property owners attempt to clean up their property, they need to be aware that from October 15 through May 15, anyone starting an open-air fire within 500 feet of a forest, grassland, or woodland must by law secure a burning permit from the Division of Forestry. Weekend permits can be obtained on Fridays. Any violation of this Tennessee Wildlife Law qualifies as a misdemeanor with fines up to $500. The number to call for a Burning Permit is 423-345-2147. Read more on this law at www.burnsafetn.org

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